Amit Bhola

Amit Bhola

A graduate from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh class of 2007, Amit has attempted to remain a student ever since. Much of it was made possible by the practically infinite sum of knowledge available freely over internet. This website, a suggestion and work from his brother Rahul is a small step towards sharing of tiny bits of knowledge and ideas for others to build on. The page includes source codes of the software items. The content is in form of pdf or zip files.

An old page which he has given up editing, and which gave him a good pen friend can be visited here.

He works as an R&D professional and lives in Gurgaon, India. He can be contacted by email at


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ABC in Punjabi

A small booklet to teach reading the Punjabi language script

Language Punjabi Tutorial Non Fiction


A tool to assist learning new vocabulary wordlist. Teases with similar words and enables filtering forgot words. Wo... Read more

English Language Software Excel VBA

Sudoku Strategies

Sudoku solving strategies by Sourendu Gupta from TIFR

Tutorial Games Non Fiction

Sudoku Game

Create and solve logically solvable Sudoku puzzles in this C++ game. TC 32 bit source code included.

Games Software C++

Recover images

Steps to recover corrupted images from a memory card

Tutorial Image Processing

Vector D

Calculate the net payments out of multiple joint expenses done by multiple persons on multiple persons in Excel

Software Excel VBA Utility

Circle Revolutions Quiz

A small mathematical puzzle on geometry

Tutorial Mathematics PowerPoint

Monte Carlo Simulation ( S H A -K- U N I )

Monte Carlo Simulation software in Excel. Simulate random numbers as per any custom probability distribution.

Tutorial Software Excel VBA Statistics Monte Carlo

Elimination of variables from Linear Equations

What it really means? - an insight

Tutorial Mathematics Non Fiction

Compare Excel Worksheets

Compare two Excel worksheets cell by cell for values and generate a colour highlighted comparison report

Software Excel Utility

Octave and One Third Octave Filters

In relation to Sound and noise analysis, what are Octaves and 1/3 Octaves? - an explanation (needs basic meaning kn... Read more

Tutorial Mathematics Design Non Fiction


Implement Corelap Algorithm for Layout Design using this C++ program. TC 32 bit source code included.

Software Utility C++

Method to Resolve Forgotten debt

A mathematical probability based method to resolve forgotten depth based on Equal Faith Model

Tutorial Mathematics Opinion Non Fiction

Debacle III

A racing game in C++ with option to make custom race tracks. TC 32 bit source code included.

Games Software C++

The Full Circle

A Calvin and Hobbes story compiled from the official strip in a partially animated PowerPoint show (*music missing)

English PowerPoint Comic


In this game, orient the zigged-zagged tiles of a picture properly by moving an active tile

Games Software Excel VBA

Gems Alien

Story of Attack of the Gems Alien in a PowerPoint show

English PowerPoint Comic

C++ Games and Utilities

"If you are a C/C++ learner, this package of Games and Utilities (C++ programs) may help. Includes Turbo C++ 32 bit... Read more

Mathematics Games Software C++

Safe Driving

A brief presentation on Safe Driving

English Tutorial Non Fiction

Learn to Drive Safely

Safe Driving Handbook by Maruti Driving School

English Tutorial Non Fiction

BitComp 64

Compare pictures (bitmap images) using this C++ program.

Image Processing Software Utility C++

BitComp (Excel)

Compare pictures (bitmap images) using this Excel file.

Image Processing Software Excel VBA Utility


College level presentation on FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) - Compilation from internet

English Tutorial Design Non Fiction PowerPoint


Change the colours of the objects in a picture (bitmap images) using this Excel file.

Image Processing Software Excel VBA Utility

Eddy Current Inspection

College level project report on Eddy Current inspection - Compilation from internet

English Tutorial Non Fiction

Table to Matrix

Convert a 3 column table to a Matrix (Original Column 1 unique items as rows and Column 2 unique items as columns,... Read more

Software Excel VBA Utility

A Book Reader's Love

An informal expression of love for book reading and a treatise on the same

English Opinion Non Fiction

Matrix to Table

Convert a Matrix to a 3 Column table (It works in opposite to the way the 'Table to Matrix' program works )

Software Excel VBA Utility


Notes and opinion on reason and remedy of hesitation

English Tutorial Opinion Non Fiction

Table Binder

Binds the Tables in separate excel files into one table in this excel file

Software Excel VBA Utility

Acute Wonders

An interesting dialogue concerning colours between Ping and Pong

English Fiction

Shuffle a List

Randomize or shuffle a list in Excel. Can be used to generate a simple random sample.

Excel Utility Statistics Monte Carlo

The Revelation

An interesting short story

English Fiction

4D Map Plotter

Plot a 4 variable scatter map (basic) in excel

Software Excel VBA Utility Plotting

Rains as they fell

A poem

English Poetry

Translation and Rotation

Transform and Rotate coordinate system or 2D geometry in Excel

Mathematics Excel Plotting

Sir Edmund Hillary

A poem

English Poetry

Polyline with defined points

Make a to the scale Polyline geometry in Excel using an array of points as inputs

Software Excel VBA Utility Plotting

The Promise

A poem

English Poetry

Normal Distribution plot

Plot shaded normal distribution graph for up to 2 variables with probability calculation

Mathematics Excel Statistics Plotting

Silent Drums

A poem

English Poetry

Q-Q Plot

Make a Q-Q plot in Excel (quantile-quantile plot)

Mathematics Excel Statistics Plotting

Just Dare Enough to Walk

A poem

English Poetry

Chi Square Test

Perform Chi square test for goodness of fit in Excel for general frequency and Normal distribution

Mathematics Excel Statistics

Sweet Little Tweety

A nursery rhyme

English Poetry

Confidence Intervals

Calculate Confidence Intervals for mean, standard deviation etc. in Excel

Mathematics Excel Statistics

To you I send (O Moon!)

A poem

English Poetry

Correlated random numbers simulation

Simulate correlated simple random or correlated normal random variables in Excel

Mathematics Excel Statistics Monte Carlo

First Nap

A poem

English Poetry

Skew Normal Distribution

Simulate Skew Normal distribution in Excel

Mathematics Excel Statistics Monte Carlo

The Color of the Moon

The account of color of the Moon as described for the first time from up close.

English Non Fiction Fiction

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Template in excel. Make and monitor project schedules. Track Plan vs. Actual completed and ongoing acti... Read more

Excel Utility

Understanding Confidence Intervals

An interesting insight into concept of confidence intervals by means of analogy.

Tutorial Mathematics Statistics Non Fiction

Understanding Cp and Cpk

An interesting insight into meaning of Process Capability, Cp and Cpk index by use of images and analogy.

Tutorial Statistics Design Non Fiction Quality

Understanding p-value

A text explaining the meaning and interpretation of p-value in relation to hypothesis testing.

Tutorial Mathematics Statistics Design Non Fiction

Statistical Sampling

A presentation on Statistical Sampling techniques useful for designing sampling surveys targeting generalisations.

Tutorial Mathematics Statistics Non Fiction

Margin of Error

A presentation on the concept of Margin of Error, explaining right up from the meaning of probability.

Tutorial Mathematics Statistics Non Fiction

Fever Chart

Fever Chart example in excel with concept explanation. Track the health of your project from timeline perspective b... Read more

Tutorial Excel Utility

Least Square Fit in XYZ

Fit equation of the form : m = a + bx + cy + dz + exy + fyz + gzx + hxyz on dataset of x,y,z,m in Excel

Mathematics Excel Statistics

Gist of GST

An introductory gist of GST for beginners (informal)

English Tutorial Non Fiction

The Book of Siddhanta

The Master holds the only chance of saving the future - a short story

English Mathematics Fiction

Cp Cpk - Graphing Quickly from Values

Learn to quickly interpret Cp Cpk values and easily draw the approx. normal distribution graph representing these v... Read more

Tutorial Statistics Non Fiction Plotting Quality


It sparkles in light but doesn’t glow in dark. Find out more about 'Moonrock' in this short story

English Fiction

Saving Yogi Banks

Yogi is brave, yet needs your support. Will you be there for him? - a short story

English Fiction

Understanding Bayes' Theorem

A short example explains simple version of Bayes' Theorem intuitively

Tutorial Mathematics Statistics Non Fiction

Degrees Minutes Seconds to Degrees

Convert values in Excel from Degrees Minutes Seconds format (X°Y'Z") to Degrees decimals (X.PQR°)

Mathematics Software Excel Utility

Moon50 (I see you)

A poem

English Poetry

RGB to Color to RGB

An excel macro to color a cell as per RGB values written in adjoining cells and if given a colored cell, then to ge... Read more

Software Excel VBA Utility

The Procedure

If I never grew up, will Santa gift me forever? - Susan has a difficult choice to make about Bob in this short sto... Read more

English Mathematics Fiction

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